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IZSUBS Application
Please kindly fill the application out if you're interested in joining! If you qualify, we will DM you on Discord or Twitter!
Are you willing to communicate with the team under our Discord server? Communication is key and we are looking for members who are willing to communicate with us to get our work done. *
Please provide your Discord handle (username and the 4-digit number) and your Twitter handle. *
Please provide an e-mail we can share our Google Drive with if you were to join our team. *
Which position are you applying for? You can apply for more than 1 position if you know how to do more than 1 role. *
Are you familiar with Aegisub and if you aren't, would you be willing to learn? *
Only answer this if you have applied as a timer, typesetter, or encoder. If you didn't apply for any of those roles, just choose N/A.
Do you have experience in any of the positions you applied for? If you do, please let us know which team you worked for or if you did independent work. Feel free to link any previous work. *
Please read the following statements, if you agree to all of these, check the yes below.
- I agree to give as much time and effort possible to the team.

- I understand that my decision to apply and be a part of the team is entirely voluntary and that I may leave anytime so long as I notify the administrative team first.

- I promise to never release sub-files without team permission and to never work on official IZ*ONE content on my own/upload subbed content on my own personal channel (sabotaging the team)
By checking YES, you confirm that you will comply with all of the above statements. *
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