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SLS Gore vs Whore Bloggers
EVENT RUNS: February 3rd - 23rd

DESCRIPTION: "Go to the store knock on the door will you get the gore or catch a whore!"
▬ This is a store to store style event where shoppers will teleport to main stores and pay to play for a collection of new items. Items may cost $25L or $50L per play.
▬ Think of it as a fancy Gacha machine, but instead of getting repeat items, you get a different one each time. You can collect them all, and even win an extra prize if you have a VIP HUD!
▬ All items will be no transfer.
▬ If a door has 10 prizes, and they play it 10 times, they get all the prizes in it.
▬ If they have the VIP HUD then they get an extra Grand Prize in that door if they buy all the contents.
▬ This is an adult event, so there will be some very naughty items in this one!

+ Bloggers are to make a minimum of 4 posts across the duration of the event with posts being spread out across the event. The event lasts for 3 weeks so you can do 2 posts one week and 1 post the other weeks. More posts are of course more then welcome!
+ Bloggers are expected to blog a minimum of 8 stores during the event. How many stores you do in a post is up to you. Please note that this is not 8 separate items but 8 separate stores.
+ Blog packs will start going out a few days before the event. You are more then welcome to do a post about it 2 or 3 days before the event but this is not required. 2 or 3 days before is fine but no earlier.
+ If accepted, you will need to join Second Life Syndicate Affairs group in world. So have a group space.
+ No "Credits Comin Soon", only post your photos when your post is finished!
+ Credit all items. People only crediting 1-3 items, or only sponsored items will no be accepted.

+ Must have high quality photos
+ Must use Flickr
+ Must credit everything in their blog
+ Must be creative with their work
+ What we look for is creativity and a love for their work, with bloggers who are dedicated and go the extra mile. Although numbers are a factor, we value this equally.

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