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Hawaiian Trades Academy - Police Program Application

CNHA is excited to launch the Hawaiian Police Program, where participants will learn about every step in HPD’s application process. The program will cover selection standards, observation and memory, reading comprehension, written communication, reasoning and analytical ability, and information on physical preparedness.

There is no cost to attend the program due to grants and partnerships from Aloha United Way, Kamehameha Schools and the City & County of Honolulu. However, a $50 deposit is due on the first day of class and will be returned to students who meet the attendance and participation requirements and successfully complete the course.

The minimum age requirement is 20 years old. Preference will be given to Native Hawaiians if demand exceeds capacity.

The Police Program will meet on Wednesdays, from 6 – 9 p.m. at Hale Pono’i at the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in Kapolei. The first class is June 12 and will last for 10 weeks, with the last class occurring on August 14.

Applicants to CNHAʻs Police Program should be serious about law enforcement and service to the community. Please complete this online application only if you are able to fully commit to the 10 week program and want to equip yourself with the knowledge and preparation to be more successful when applying as a Metropolitan Police Recruit with the City and County of Honolulu.
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I understand that completing and submitting this application does not guarantee me acceptance into CNHA's police program. I also understand that if I am accepted to participate in CNHA's police program, and I successfully finish and pass the course, it does not guarantee me admission or acceptance into the City and County of Honolulu Police Academy Kula Makaʻi. I understand that the Honolulu Police Department has a separate application process that is run independently from this application process and that I am solely responsible for pursuing a position with HPD or any other police department. *
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