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We All Belong mobile mural Sign up form
Thank you for your interest in bringing the mural to your community. Please fill out the info below so we can be in touch to coordinate.

Background of the mural:

The mural highlights the Torah’s message that each person is a world unto themselves regardless of their abilities, the color of their skin, invisible mental health conditions, socioeconomic status, or any other distinguishing factor.
It depicts a Crown Heights community scene with people of all types, emphasizing the fact that it is precisely the variety that brings vibrancy and life to a community, while at our core we are all unified.

This project is part of a larger multi media campaign that will include a new song and music video by 8th Day called “We All Belong" scheduled for release early 2019.

The mural has been completed in time for the launch of a new project – ShabbaTTogether – A Global Shabbos of Disability Inclusion and Mental Health Awareness- being launched by Chabad in over 170 cities across the globe and on every continent on Parshat Terumah, February 8-9, 2019. For more info and how to get involved go to

Created by The Ruderman Chabad Inclusion Initiative – RCII, the mural is sponsored by Esther Deutsch.

Sizes & Dimensions:

The mural is 342 inches / 28.5 feet wide, and 128 inches / 10.6 feet high. There are grommets across the top, and a pipe pocket on both sides (to slide a pole in to help it hang - good for some walls.)

Bring the Artist:
You can bring the famed mural artist, Yitzchok Moully, to your city together with the mural to do an inclusive event in your city.

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