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Penguicon 2019 Errata Form
Cylithria Dubois, Program Ops, will respond to this email from We cannot promise that we can accommodate all changes without cancelling the event, and so we might suggest alternatives.

Please respond to that email to accept or decline, and then your event will be changed on and the Sched app on iPhone and Android, and the Errata whiteboard in front of Ops (the coat closet in front of the Algonquin ballroom). The printed schedule book has already gone to press.

The following email must be a presenter on the event being changed or cancelled:

Email address *
Are you Changing or Cancelling your event? *
If the event is still occurring but some of the presenters need to cancel, please mark "change", and list that in the notes below.
Your Presenter Name *
Please put the name you asked us to use for you in the schedule, or we might have trouble looking you up.
Your answer
Event Title *
What can we look up in the existing schedule to identify this event?
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Event Title Change
(If any.) 80 characters maximum. If you have a long subtitle, move it into the event description. We reserve the right to make changes.
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Event Description Change
(If any.) 700 characters maximum. We reserve the right to make changes.
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Other Changes
(If any.) Room setup, sound system, projector, cancelling individual presenters but not the whole event, etc.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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