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Maymester Scholarship Recommendation Form
Dear CSU Colleague,

Thank you for taking the time to write a recommendation for this student. The scholarship committee is given a limited amount of financial resources to support study abroad programs. For this reason, we ask that when composing this recommendation, you focus on addressing the following question:

Given the fact that we have more applications than we can fund, why should we give this student money to support his/her study abroad trip? Please know that we are not asking you to tell us why this student can benefit from studying abroad, as we believe all students can. We also do not need to know why this student is a good student. Instead, please tell us why we should fund this particular student's study abroad program.

Please make your statement concise but informative and do your best to provide us with concrete examples. Please consider this form the equivalent of a letter, as we will not be accepting any other "letter of recommendations."

On behalf of the CGE and the Scholarship Subcommittee, we appreciate your support of Columbus State's education abroad programs!

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