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Student Advisory Council Survey
Next year, we are looking to start a Student Advisory Council (SAC). The members of the SAC would meet with the administrative staff (your principals) to provide students a platform where they will have the opportunity to discuss school-related topics, voice concerns, or present suggestions. The goal is for student voices to be heard, and for the administrative staff to have the chance to sit down with students and create an open forum for discussions. This survey will allow us to get a better feel for your needs when it comes to starting this council.
1. Would you be interested in participating in the Student Advisory Council, and how frequently? (For 8th graders, answer as if this was going to be an option for you, please)
2. What are ways you feel your voice can be heard in the school? (Check all that apply)
3. Do you feel a group like the Student Advisory Council would be a good way for administrators to hear comments and concerns from students?
Do you feel like having SAC representatives would be a good way to give students a voice?
4. What topics would you like to be discussed at SAC meetings? (check all that apply)
5. Fill in any other topics you would like discussed in SAC meetings, that were not mentioned in question 4.
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