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Syndicate Sunday Designer Application

Syndicate Sunday is a discount shopping event that runs once a month. It will start on the first Sunday of every month and run for 72 hours (Sun-Tues).

• All items will be set out at your stores, not an event area
• NO FEE to participate, 100% free for all designers
• 100% profit to designers, we do not take any of it
• We do not accept stores for children's items and no this will not change.
• We do not accept openly adult themed stores, however there may be themed events where this is different. If we have any themes where adult products would be welcome, it will be noted at the top of the application.

• MUST be a new item and/or a special re-colour/re-texture of an item (some rounds may have a specified theme but app will state it at the very top)
• Item(s) must be set out at 69L each
• MUST have an SLS Kiosk & SS poster at location (each are 1li & resizable)
• MUST join the SLS Affairs group in world
• All designers are required to send out their bloggers packs in group at least 48 hours before event starts
• All item pictures must be sent to us at least 48 hours before event starts. This is so we can add them to the website. Pictures must be full perm and can either be sent to us direct or added to the blogger pack

• Only 1 item is required, but you can do as many as you want
• Extra sales and promotions are welcome for the time frame
• Join our Discord, its a great way to keep in contact with us and other participants

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Second Life Name - Not Display Name. This is only if you require that person to be added to groups. If they do not need to be added then leave blank.
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Give a short description of what kind of store you have, can be as short as a sentence or keywords. This is just so we can try and keep a variety of stores each round.
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