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Syndicate Sunday Designer Application - October Round
Our next round is October 6th-13th.

▬ ▬ We have updated some rules, so if you have taken part before, please read though as changes to price and accepted items have been updated.▬ ▬

Syndicate Sunday is a discount shopping event that runs once a month. It will start on the first Sunday of every month and run through the 2nd Sunday of the month for an 8 day event.

▬ All items will be set out at your stores, not an event area
▬ Marketplace only stores are welcome to apply. More info under requirements.
▬ NO FEE to participate, 100% free for all designers
▬ 100% profit to designers, we do not take any of it

▬ We DO accept Adult themed stores. NOT blatant porn, but stores with a fun style.
▬ YES to stores with fun accessories (harnesses,cuffs, collars, etc.), clothing, furniture, decor, etc..
▬ NO scat, puke, dismemberment, porn photography, explicit poses/animations, overly sexual/explicit content (dildos, butt plugs, etc.) etc..

▬ We DO NOT accept stores for children's items and this will not change.
▬ We DO NOT accept stores based on selling shapes, gestures, windlights, or sounds.
▬ We DO NOT accept stores based on selling full perm templates.

▬ We DO accept stores using templates in their work, no need to be original mesh to get in.
▬ As long as the creativity and quality of work are shown, all content is considered.
▬ All textures must be original, no reseller items.

▬ Once you participate in at 1-2 rounds, you may then ask to take part recurring monthly, otherwise you must apply for each month you want to participate in.


▬ Nothing new is required, items may be previous releases, but new and/or re-colors/re-textures are most welcome.
▬ If you use a previously released item, it may not be used in the event again, so each item, or set of items, may only be sold in the event once.

▬ There will be no themed rounds.

▬ All Item(s) must be set out at 50% off, no more no less.
▬ One item is required, but you are welcome to do multiple.

▬ MUST have an SLS Kiosk & SS poster at location (each are 1li & resizable). Note this is both the Kiosk and the event poster, NOT one or the other.

▬ MUST join the SLS Affairs group in world

▬ If a Marketplace only store, we have spots set up at our in world location for you. Other than location & setup, all other rules still apply
▬ All designers are REQUIRED to set out full blogger packs, with full perm ADs of all items, in our blogger room by Saturday at 10:00pm SL time. NO EXCEPTIONS, unless the below rule has been used.
▬ If you are going to be late, you MUST contact an SLS Admin to let us know what is going on. If we do not hear from you on Saturday by 8:00pm SL time, you will be removed from the current round and considered MIA.
▬ We will allow a small extension of up to 24 hours, but no more than that. ▬ We will allow a small extension of up to 24 hours, but no more than that.

▬ If you are MIA more than once, you are out of SLS all together. We know strong circumstances can occur, but these rules are in place to protect the designers and bloggers who take part within the rules.
▬ For those strong circumstances mentioned, just talk with us about it and we can get it settled so you are in the clear.


▬ Only 1 item is required, but you can do as many as you want
▬ Male items & Unisex items are highly encouraged if possible.
▬ Extra sales and promotions are welcome for the time frame
▬ Join our Discord, its a great way to keep in contact with us and other participants

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Store Partner (Optional)
Second Life Name - Not Display Name. This is only if you have a fellow creator that needs to be added to groups. If they do not need to be added then leave blank.
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Store Description *
Give a short description of what kind of store you have, can be as short as a sentence or keywords. This is just so we can try and keep a variety of stores each round. Key things we want to know are your style and category, such as Home & Decor, Female Clothing, Unisex Accessories, Goth, Roleplay, Kawaii, etc.
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Copyright or IP (Intellectual Property) Infringement *
You agree that your store has no images, names, or content that is of a questionable nature that would qualify as copyright and/or intellectual property infringement. We do not accept stores who have any of the above, be it items in world or listed on your Marketplace store. We are VERY strict on this. If you are unable to click below, and be honest, please do not apply as we will not accept your store.
Blogger Packs *
As full blogger packs (with full perm ADs) of all exclusive items are required, please confirm below that you understand this and agree to put one out for the event by 10:00pm SL time Saturday night before the event open.
Any Other Information
If there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to do so below.
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