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The Nottingham Education Trust:Bursary Application
The Nottingham Education Trust is a registered charity no.1006495 and exists to support young people, under the age of 21 and permanently resident in the City of Nottingham, pursue activities outside of formal education, particularly in Music & the Arts, the Sciences, Sports and Outdoor and Adventurous pursuits, who would otherwise not have the opportunity.

If you require support in submitting this on-line application, or you have any questions about it, please email:
About the Trust's Bursaries - please read carefully.
Applications for individual Bursaries of up to £750 per person must meet the following criteria:

*Applicants must have been permanently resident in the City of Nottingham for the last five years or longer
*Applicants must be under the age of 21 at the time of application
*Applicants must be pursuing an activity that is outside of formal education, particularly in Music & the Arts, the Sciences, Sports and Outdoor and Adventurous pursuits
*Applicants must show evidence of having made positive efforts to raising funds themselves towards the activity.
*If successful, Applicants will be expected to report back to the Trust on the activity they have undertaken. This will normally be in person at a meeting of the Trust.

Applications will be considered by the Trust as soon as possible within twelve weeks of the date the application is submitted.

The Trustees hope to support as many applications as possible within the available funds, providing the applicant is eligible, the amount of funding sought is proportionate to the costs and the activity is considered appropriate, however, the decision of the Trustees is final.

You may make a number of applications, at different times, but together they must not exceed £750. If you are eligible, you may only make one application for a given activity at any one time. Please note that, at the moment, the Trust has limited bursaries to £750 in total for any individual.

You will also be asked if you would be willing to be an advocate for the Trust, who may wish, with your / your parents' permission, to use your name, age, district of Nottingham and activity as an example for others in print or on a website, however, this is optional.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will be dealt with on their merit and the decision of the Trustees is final.

Now, if you wish to apply for a bursary from the Trust, please COMPLETE ALL THE DETAILS BELOW. When you have completed all the questions, scroll right to the bottom of the form and click the SUBMIT button on the left.
About You
This application will be treated in the strictest confidence by the Trustees and no details will be given or sold to others or used for any other purpose, without your permission.
1. Please enter your first name(s) *
Your answer
2. Please enter your surname/second name *
Your answer
3. Please enter your house number/name and street/road name and area/district of Nottingham *
e.g. 21 Birthday Crescent, Sherwood You must be permanently living within the Nottingham City boundary.
Your answer
4. Please enter your postcode *
Your answer
5. Please enter your email address *
This will be used for the majority of contact with you.
Your answer
6. Please enter a contact telephone number *
This will only be used if contact cannot be established by email.
Your answer
7. Please enter your date of birth *
You must be under 21 years of age. Please use the format dd-mm-yyyy e.g. 04-02-2001 for 4th February 2001
8. Please enter ALL the school(s)/colleges/universities you attend/have attended *
Please start with where you are now. e.g. Bilborough College, Nottingham Academy, Walter Halls Primary.
Your answer
9. Please enter details of the activity you intend to pursue if your application for a Bursary is successful *
This should be an activity outside of formal education that has recognisable educational benefits. Your application may be delayed if you do not give the date(s) on which it will take place, any organisations, such as schools, college, universities, uniform groups and external providers, connected with this activity and any qualifications you will achieve by taking part. You should use between 150-300 words on this section.
Your answer
10. Please enter how much financial support you are seeking from the Trust *
The maximum amount per person for bursary applications is £750
Your answer
11. Please enter here details of why you are seeking funding for this activity from the Trust *
Your application is likely to be delayed if you do not give details of all costs, how much you are contributing by raising funds and any benefits that you are currently entitled to, such as Free School Meals. You should use between 150-300 words on this section.
Your answer
12. Please enter the name, address, telephone number and email of an adult who will vouch for you and your application. *
You must get their permission first. This should be a Headteacher, Head of Year, college tutor, group leader.
Your answer
13. Please ask the person named in 12. above to write some comments of approximately 150-300 words in support of your application here . *
Your answer
14. If you are under the age of 18, you MUST ensure that your parent/guardian/carer approves this application below. *
Parent/Carer/ Guardian Declaration - I am aware of this application for a bursary from the Trust and approve of the activity my child intends to undertake with the award, if successful. I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that my child will not be at risk when undertaking this activity. (Please PRINT your NAME in Capitals below with status (Parent/Guardian/Carer) add the DATE and the ADDRESS and EMAIL address if different from that in Q.3 & 4 above.)
Your answer
15. Have you ever applied for a bursary from the Trust before? *
16. If you answered YES to Question 15, above, please give details in the box below.
Please include the date you applied and the amount you received, if you were awarded a bursary.
Your answer
17. Please explain the reasons you are applying for an additional bursary.
You may have had a change of circumstances, progressed to a higher level, or be taking on a new challenge. Please make clear what has changed since the last time you applied. REMEMBER the limit for any one individual is £750.
Your answer
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