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When studying at home.......
I feel confident using my textbook
I use the contents and index
I cross-reference (make links) different sections in my textbook
I use the school library to help me in my study
I like to search the internet for useful sites which could help me in my work
I am good at finding relevant material quickly online
I bookmark/save the material I find
I print out the material I find
I am tempted to use the the solutions to exam questions available online
I consult online dictionaries to help me with my language subjects
I use Google translate
I lift material straight from the internet and present it as my own
I feel confident that I know how to study effectively
I use a clear system for note-taking
I make notes during and after reading
I like to summarize areas that I have covered
I read with questions in mind
I readily identify the key words in a question/text and know what they mean
I use highlighters
I use different colour pens
I use flashcards to remember material
I use websites such as to help me create flashcards
I use mindmaps and graphs to understand material
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