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Faith Sexuality Gender Conference Registration -  信仰與性傾向 專題講座 報名表
There are many questions about how FAITH integrates with our thinking about SEXUALITY and GENDER. Join us for this hybrid in-person/zoom conference. Please register here. If you are attending in-person, you will be able to pick up your conference materials at the conference. If you are attending via Zoom, your conference materials will be emailed to you.


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Which session(s) are you planning to attend? Note: we are preparing physical handouts only for registered attendees that attend in-person on Friday night or Saturday morning. If you are registering for Zoom, we will email the handouts to you prior to the conference. (see for workshop descriptions).

您打算參加哪一場講座? 請注意:我們僅為週五晚上或週六早上親自參加講座的註冊者準備紙本講義。 如果您透過Zoom參加,我們將在會議之前透過電子郵件發送講義給您。(詳情請參閱

In-person (實體)
Zoom (在綫)
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Fri, Dec. 1, 7:30 PM - Who Am I? (12月1日週五 7:30PM - 我是什麽?)
Sat, Dec. 2, 9 AM - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (12月2日週六 9AM - 彩虹之上)
Sat, Dec. 2, 10:15 AM - Same Sex Attraction (12月2日週六 10:15AM - 同性吸引)
Sat, Dec. 2, 11:30 AM - Parental Wisdom for Today's Culture (12月2日週六 11:30AM - 應對當今文化之管教智慧)
Preferred language group for Saturday breakout sessions (週六分組討論首選語言) *
What worship service do you normally attend at HCC? (你在HCC參加哪堂禮拜?) *
How did you hear about the conference? (您是如何得知這次講座的?) *
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