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Thank you for stopping by to take our survey. It takes about 10-15 minutes to fill it out. We appreciate you sharing your project details with us. We don’t ask for confidential information, but for information helping us to determine the status of the worldwide nanosatellite development process in the industry.

We would like to know:
• Basic (NEUTRAL) information about you
• Information (NON-CONFIDENTIAL) about your nanosatellite project (or projects)
• Contact details for telling you about the outcome of this survey.


The development of nanosatellites is an emerging and key technological domain with more and more nanosatellites being readied for launch every year. Other than their educational and public relations benefits, nanosatellites are also seen as complementary space technology platforms to bigger industrial satellites.

This study aims at understanding and showing the diversity of a typical nanosatellite developmental and operations process, which would include technical, regulatory, and economic aspects. The project aims at performing a worldwide study of the typical roadmap and considerations for the development and operations of a nanosatellite. The development concepts are to be analyzed from the point of technical development, space law and regulations, and economics and business cases for the key technologies. Other than showing the diverse options for handling all the developmental issues, this project also aims at proposing a feasible roadmap for the future steps of the ‘small scale ’ organizations who would like to develop, test, launch, and operate their own nanosatellites.

Involved Actors:
• Swiss Space Systems, Department of Academic Projects
• SGAC Commercial $pace Project Group
• SGAC Space Law and Policy Group
• SGAC Small Satellites Project Group

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