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 Volunteer Satisfaction Survey
Thank you for volunteering with Farmshed! Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below as we strive to improve the volunteer impact and experience here at Farmshed. All responses are logged anonymously.

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How frequently do you volunteer with Farmshed?
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How did you hear about our volunteer opportunities?
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Which program(s) have you served?
Communication and Organization
Did you feel welcomed and valued as a volunteer?
Not at all
Very welcomed and valued
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How well were the volunteer tasks and responsibilities explained to you?
Poorly explained
Very well explained
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After your training, how prepared did you feel to accomplish your volunteer tasks and responsibilities?
Not at all
Very prepared
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Were the staff and/or AmeriCorps Member (Volunteer Coordinator) approachable and available to assist you with any questions or concerns?
Not at all
Very approachable and available
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Was the office or provided work space organized  so that you could successfully complete your assigned tasks?
Not at all
Very organized
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Growth and Development
As a volunteer, do you feel you are making a significant impact in Farmshed programs and the broader community?
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Did your volunteer experience at Farmshed help to grow your interest or knowledge in local food systems and sustainability?
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Is there anything that you were hoping to gain or experience that you didn't?
Do you have any suggestions for how we could have improved your experience as a Farmshed volunteer?
Would you recommend this organization to your family and friends?
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If no or maybe, please explain.
Additional Questions or Comments?
This survey is confidential and answers are logged anonymously. However, if you have posted any comments or questions we might be able to address and/or if you would like to be contacted by a Farmshed staff member about the concerns you may have, please leave your contact info here.  Include: name, phone number & best time to call or email address.
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