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EC1 - Renovation Request Form
This electronic request form is required to be submitted in advance of any renovation work within the suites at 70 Forest Manor Road. For those matters involving extensive renovations, the Property Manager alone will not sign off on the request and the Board of Directors may be required to do so. For this reason it is best to submit this request at least 30 days prior to any work being scheduled. Submission of this form alone does not mean that the request is approved.

There is a requirement to submit all diagrams, drawings, plans, quotes, and other information relevant to the renovation request by emailing it to as well as within 24 hours of completing this form.

We have a strict elevator booking policy and a specific category for contractors bringing materials in the building. Please visit

Residents who do not fully disclosure their intentions, such as plans carve out an additional bedroom from space such as a den but propose a partial enclosure for an office.

Thanks very much for your cooperation. Should you have any questions, please contact the management office.
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