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Bringing Shabbat Home Guests
We are excited to be holding our second Bringing Shabbat Home! It will be held on Friday, February 7, 2020
Shabbat dinners will be hosted in congregant's homes around the city, so that we can bring in Shabbat together and get to know our fellow congregants. This idea came from our congregants that wanted to try something different. We will be hosting Shabbat dinners in different areas of town and hosts are from a variety of demographics.
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I would love to be a part of Bringing Shabbat Home and enjoy a Shabbat dinner in someone's home.
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We will be placing people in different homes for dinner based on demographics and locations, we can take requests if you would like to be placed with someone, however, we do want to mix things up so you can meet new people - requests will be considered but not guaranteed.
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Thank you for your willingness to participate - we will be in touch soon.
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