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Special Orders Shopping List
This form is for requesting orders for personal use. You must pay before we can order parts. If paying with cash, please place in envelope in cash box with your name and date. Please make a single entry for every item. Please also enter the special order $ amount in the cash log

For restocking shop inventory, use (If it's something not yet on that form, or that form has issues, you can still use this form.)

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Item Number
(example :149178)
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(example Planet Bike Super Flash 1 Watt Turbo)
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Price (for total quantity, not per-unit) *
One can enter =5*2.10 (with the equals sign) if buying five items that cost $2.10 per or just enter 10.50. If this is for something the shop needs and not a special order, please submit a brief poem. A haiku, for example.
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alternative part (if it's not available)
(put part number, name of part and page number if applicable)
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