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Please note that it is our policy to conduct background checks on all volunteers for the Lawrence Arts Center. Your responses to the following questions will ensure the safety of students in our youth programs. This information will be submitted to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for KBI/DCF checks. *
Had a misdemeanor or felony of a crime against persons, a sexual offense or crimes affecting family relationships and children? *
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Been adjudicated (found or determined in a court of law to be) a juvenile offender, delinquent, or miscreant? *
Committed a physical, mental, or emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse as validated by DCF? *
Had a child declared in a court order to be deprived or in need of care based on allegation of physical, mental or emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse? *
Had parental rights terminated? *
Signed a diversion agreement involving child abuse or sexual offense? *
Been found to be a disabled person in need of guardian or conservator or both? *
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