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SPIINA Study - Site Registration Form
This is the site registration form for the SPIINA (SPIINA. aSsessing Practice of Image-guided spInal Injections - a National collaborative Audit) Study. The first section contains information about the study, and the second section asks for a few details about your local services.
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Study Information
The SPIINA study is a national snapshot audit assessing current practice of image-guided spinal injections for back pain (e.g. caudal epidural, nerve root and facet joint).  We are recruiting centres who are performing these procedures to participate in a national collaborative audit. This is project is being run via the UK National Interventional Radiology Trainee Research (UNITE) Collaborative. 

If you are a radiologist/surgeon/pain physician at a centre performing these procedures, or a radiology trainee interested in MSK/interventional radiology, then this project is a great way to get involved in the field! We would love it if you would participate in this study. Radiology trainees - this audit will count as part of your Kaizen audit requirement for the year. Additionally, as with all UNITE projects, all collaborators will be listed as indexed collaborative authors on any academic publications that result from the study. 

Registration Process for a participating NHS site
Please fill in this form to register your interest in the study. The form asks a couple of questions related to the local practice of spinal injections. If you are a trainee, then please get in touch with a MSK/Neuro/other radiologist who performs these procedures to a) help with these questions, and b) act as a local consultant supervisor.  

Once you have filled in the form, then please get in touch with us to let us know & next steps. Additionally, if you have any other questions, please contact Dr Indrajeet Mandal (

Register the audit at your local NHS site. Each individual NHS trust will require this. Each site will have their own system for registering audits e.g. Ulysses. Note that each one will require a local supervising consultant. You must also mention this is part of a national audit, and anonymised data will be sent to another NHS trust for analysis. 

Begin data collection. The steering committee have developed a spreadsheet for data collection, which will be sent to you. 

Depending on local arrangements, consult your local Caldicott guardian to ensure that local data sharing protocols are followed. This must be done prior to sending any data out of your trust (although you can undertake the local data collection while this process is going on) 

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