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Basketball Recertification 2019
Please utilize the training video and powerpoint available at To pass you must get a 7/10.

You must be previously certified in Basketball for this to recertify you. If you were not previously certified you must attend a training session.
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Area *
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Date of Birth *
Were you previously certified in basketball? *
How long is each quarter? *
1 point
What is the minimum and maximum players that may be on the team roster *
1 point
T/F Numbers must appear on the front and back of an athlete's jersey
1 point
Clear selection
How long is the overtime period in case of a tie *
1 point
How many individuals fouls does it take for a player to be disqualified from a game? *
1 point
T/F The clock will stop for dead balls, but not on a field goal *
1 point
T/F Pressing is illegal *
1 point
What is the Over and Back call? *
1 point
T/F The Special Olympic logo must be on the player's jerseys *
1 point
How many technical fouls does it take for an athlete to be disqualified from the game? *
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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