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Data Playbook Beta (Pilot Phase Impact & Feedback)
Welcome to the Data Playbook Beta! The Data Playbook is a gateway for developing data literacy through social learning. Data skills and data readiness are improve our ability to use and obtain information to support and improve our decision-making.

There are nine modules, 65 pieces of content, and a methodology for sharing curriculum across all the sectors and networks.

The Data Playbook Beta is recipe book or exercise book with examples, best practices, how to’s, session plans, training materials, matrices, scenarios, and resources. The content aims to be visual, remixable, collaborative, useful, and informative. Material has been compiled, piloted, and tested in collaboration with many contributors from across IFRC and National Societies. We are inviting you to contribute to our final version of the Data Playbook by using the contents, sharing your experiences, or, even, creating new content.

Thanks for giving feedback. We aim to improve the content for version 1. Note: Version 1 will done with a Data Literacy Consortium of humanitarians, including IFRC as a co-chair. We will aim to put the content online. If you are piloting content in the Data Playbook beta, We want to hear from you.

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