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BrantSteele Survivor Upgrade Feedback
The original 32 seasons of Survivor are being upgraded, and BrantSteele is looking for your feedback to help make them as interesting and realistic as possible. Is there any area where you'd still prefer to use .net? The goal of this form is to understand why and help make .com even better.

Are there any missing reward challenges? Do tie breakers work correctly? Would you like better reasoning on a page? This is the best opportunity to submit feedback and have it influence development while they're being worked on.

Feedback involving other simulators should be sent through the Contact Form or in the Discord server's #suggestions channel instead.

Here are the requests submitted so far on the released seasons:

Survivor Season 2: Australia
- Show Number of Past Votes on Placements for this type of elimination

Survivor Season 3: Africa
- Show Number of Past Votes on Placements for this type of elimination

Survivor Season 5: Thailand:
- Player reasoning for initial tribe selections and mutiny
- Events after the fake merge should allow the possibility of both tribes interacting together

Survivor Season 7: Pearl Islands:
- Consider making quitters and medevacs ineligible for the Outcasts
- More thorough reasoning for the Outcast tribal council
- Better vote-by-vote display for the Outcast tribal council
- Look into possible mutiny at final 12

Survivor Season 8: All-Stars
- Review the swap and confirm that tribes were required to be even after it occurred

Survivor Season 9: Vanuatu
- Better function for the chief choosing their tribe to join the one with their most allies
- Consider removing the player who wins immunity in episode 3 and visits the other tribe from the 'targets' page on their own tribe

Survivor Season 10: Palau
- Reasoning for Tribe Selections
- Single page specifically to show Exile Island
- Better vote-by-vote display for the Immunity vote
- Reports of uneven (10-8) starting tribes - looking for save links

Survivor Season 11: Guatemala

Survivor Season 12: Panama
- Make initial "Reward Challenge" an "'Opening Challenge" like some of the latest seasons. Determine specific criteria what makes the "Opening Challenges" different, and apply it to all of the seasons.
- Make transferring idols more logical

Survivor Season 13: Cook Islands
- Make transferring idols more logical

Survivor Season 14: Fiji
- Make idol findable in episode 10 by the challenge group that doesn't go to tribal council

Survivor Season 15: China
- Consider showing both tribe's events on the Twist page after the kidnapping for consistency

Survivor Season 16: Micronesia
- Put events at Exile Island for when multiple players are together

Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction
- Tribe History for the players on the Edge each episode
- For returning players, allowing you to change their relationships and alliances the episode they can potentially return with "Change Relationships & Alliances Each Episode" enabled

Survivor Australia 2016:
- For episode 18 with Exile Beach, evaluate whether the player who finds the idol should be listed with the idol in the Event page even though they are not actively with the tribe

All Seasons:
- Add better logic for handling when 2 players attend tribal council in all idol seasons
- Better Jury Voting Logic
- Summary page
- Voting Chart
- More details/reasoning for quits and medevacs
- More detailed events
- Statistic for idols played successfully
- Statistic for number of tribal councils attended
- Most strategic and most social statistic
- The ability for quits and medevacs on Australia Survivor and all episodes of other seasons
- Reasoning for alliance targets
- The possibility of fake idols
- Events where players can be added to alliances
- Original placement shown on the Placements page (but crossed out) for returnee players
- Stamina attribute which benefits from reward challenges and can impact challenge ability
- When only one male or female remains in a season with a winner from each gender, that player should not be guaranteed immunity

- When 2 players are the only ones who can receive votes on the revote after a null vote, should they be able to vote for each other?
- More criteria for deciding the Fan Favorite winner
- Are too many small alliances being formed now?
- Could Edgic be added at the end of each episode?
- Show Day # with Survivor, possibly on the Tribal Council page

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