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2017 New Student Library Survey
This quick survey will help us find out what YOU know and what WE need to teach you about East High's Media Center and its resources.
In addition to the book's title, what else do you need to know about a fiction book before locating it in our media center? * *
You've been given the assignment to research a new scientific discovery. Which resource below would give you the most reliable, most current articles on the topic? *
How often did you use your previous school's library last year? *
We don't care what you used it for--meeting friends, finding a good book, doing research, asking someone a question.
Tell us what is most important to YOU when you are writing a research paper. *
What kinds of books do you most enjoy reading? *
Check all the boxes that apply to you. If you choose "OTHER," please describe what kind of book you love (i.e. include the genre, author, titles,. . . )
How do you prefer to read a book? *
Check all the boxes that apply
What grade are you in? *
What was the last school you attended? *
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