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AWoL Fiscal Sponsorship Affiliate Yearly Renewal Form
Jodi McLeod, Executive Director | 805.452.4881
816 Chelham Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Please submit this Affiliate Yearly Renewal Form with all completed information requested below with a $50 renewal fee.
Our Board of Directors meet on the second Tuesday of the month and we will let you know the results.

Terms and Conditions:

-I understand that 7% is due to Art Without Limits from each grant total received.
-A $50 renewal fee is due with this document.
-A $50 non-refundable fee is also due with each Grant Proposal form submitted requiring information from AWoL.
-The Grant Proposal fee is deductible from the 7% due to Art Without Limits if you receive the grant.
-Donors requiring no information or our signatures do not require a Grant Proposal form.
-This contract will remain in effect for 12 months after this Renewal Application was approved.
-If no proposals are submitted in that period a new application/contract must be submitted.
-Fiscal Sponsor, Art Without Limits, agrees to receive any grant funds on behalf of the applicant, distribute them to the Applicant and maintain appropriate financial records and will issue 1099’s if you receive $600 for the year.
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