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Please complete the below form for ITRD! Before you submit this form, please secure your place by sending a payment of £30 to via PayPal, and add "ITRD" + your name in the notes.
You will receive a confirmation before the course starts.
For any further information, please contact or text 07795220881.
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Will you need to hire skates? As with protection, we have limited supplies of skates- please let us know your requirements ASAP and we can hopefully provide you with good quality skates. You will be advised in the event that we do not have available equipment for you. *
Will you need protective equipment? We have some items available to borrow with limited availability- please indicate which items you would like to borrow. You will be advised in the event that we do not have available equipment for you. *
Remember to purchase a mouthguard! We recommend SISU or custom fitted ones! Please note that there is no charge to borrow equipment until week 9. At that point we charge £10pcm to hire the equipment; this fee contributes towards maintenance costs.
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