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FernLeaf Family Volunteer Log (2018-2019)
FernLeaf relies on and thrives because of YOUR involvement in the school's day-to-day activities and special events.

Families are expected to volunteer 3 hours per month (1.5 hrs for single parent families). Please use this form to log your family's volunteer hours each month throughout the year. If you were NOT able to give of your time or talent (we're parents, too, we TOTALLY get it) please still fill out the form and then use this link to make a one-time donation of your Treasure.

Remember, completing this form puts you well on your way to a sweet bumper magnet, t-shirt and PAR-TAY! Volunteering rocks.

THANK YOU for your time and efforts towards making this the best learning environment for our children!

Oldest student's LAST name *
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Oldest student's FIRST name *
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Single parent household?
What is the volunteer's COMPLETE name and relation to student? *
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Family email address (Please choose one email for tracking volunteer hours)
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Type of volunteer activity (where/with whom)? Please include time spent preparing at home, food prep, etc. *
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Total number of hours for all volunteer activities listed above *
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I am not able to give of my time or talent this month so I agree to give of my TREASURE to support FernLeaf's mission! (This one-time donation is based on what you feel is reasonable for your family. Thank you!) Please go to this link to donate NOW!
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