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Nomination: 2020 CPS Team of the Year
The National Child Passenger Safety Board (NCPSB) encourages Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Teams to self-submit or help with the online nomination submission. Doing so, allows specifics to be shared contributing to a stronger submission.

-National Child Passenger Safety Board

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ALL SUBMISSIONS: Please complete the following questions. Provide detailed information on why you believe the organization’s work in Child Passenger Safety is deserving of being recognized as National CPS Team/Organization of the Year. Keep in mind that NCPSB members who will be reviewing the nominations will only know what you provide regarding the CPS Team's contributions and performance. Use the CPS Code of Conduct to help guide your answers. (
Please be detailed (provide specific examples when applicable) and avoid using last names, titles and organization names in your responses.
1. Describe how the work of this CPS Team impacted other organizations or made a difference in their community? Please provide specific examples as reviewers will only have the information you provide to score this nomination. Consider some of the following : • What influence has this CPS Team had on their local community (consider programming and awareness)? • What types of innovative approaches does this CPS Team use to educate caregivers, grow CPS influence or support CPS programs in their area? • How does this CPS Team stay technically current on CPS standards and best practices and share this information to ensure local efforts remain relevant and up-to-date with the advancements in CPS? • How does this CPS Team mentor Instructors and Technicians? (6000 characters) *
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2. Provide one specific example that will differentiate this CPS Team from all other CPS Teams. (3000 characters): *
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Thank you!
We appreciate you taking the time to recognize the CPS Team who goes above and beyond to better the safe travel of families.

- National Child Passenger Safety Board

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