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Pocket Gamer LaunchPad Developer Application Form
The Pocket Gamer LaunchPad is a brand new digital event to celebrate new (and updated) mobile games taking place on 23-25th July across multiple sites, streams, social media and other channels.

Whereas the console and PC industry have multiple 'launch' events like Gamescom, E3, EGLX, Rezzed et al, but although mobile games do feature at some of these events, they are usually overshadowed or secondary.

We're looking to address this with the creation of the PG LaunchPad, a live event that showcases and celebrates upcoming games and updates. By bringing together a series of announcements during a focused period, promoting across multiple channels including a live stream we hope to create something new and engaging that will raise the awareness of games involved amongst existing and brand new audiences and create a halo effect.

There are plenty of sponsorship and other partnership opportunities for Publishers and Developers to guarantee their involvement (see media pack here), but we'd also like to open up some slots to showcase indie developers too.

If you have a game that's in development that you'd like to announce or even a major upgrade or offer, please fill out the details below for a chance to get involved and we'll come back to you. N.B. This information will be considered embargoed and we will NOT share this information on our channels without connecting with you.

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