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*Note* YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 TO COMMISSION A SUIT FROM ME. I WILL ASK FOR PROOF. You must also provide a proper reference sheet. Please be sure your reference displays at least two angles of your character, is flat colored (no shading please). If your reference is traditional, please provide either a high quality photo or scan. I WILL NOT ACCEPT LOW QUALITY PHOTOS/DRAWINGS. If you fail to follow this request your quote will be ignored. Thank you
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Your First and Last Name.
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The name you go by online. (FA, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
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Fursuit Name
Name of the character you would like to have created.
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What type of animal?
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Fursuit Expression
Ex. Happy/ sassy/ grumpy/ artists choice
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Character Reference *
*PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING* Please provide a link to a visual reference showing at least two views of your character. A visual reference is required or your quote request will be ignored. Written descriptions are NOT accepted. Please, DO NOT PM YOUR REFERENCE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. Please, COPY/PASTE YOUR REFERENCE TO THIS ANSWER BOX. This helps me stay organized and ensures that I dont lose your reference sheet. If you have issues doing this, please email me and I will help you through it.
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Are you prepared to put down a deposit? *
Do you need room for glasses? (This option will include adding a zipper to the back as well as extra space inside the head. Will require an additional fee)
Eye Color
Please specify your characters eye color
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Type of eyes?
Hair? *
If chosen "other" in hair option, please explain:
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Tongue Color
Please specify your tongue color (plush only)
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Handpaw type
Paw Pads? Pad Color?
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If you've chosen to have arm sleeves, would you like them to be attached to your hand paws?
FeetPaw Type? *
How long/short would you like your tail? (in inches/feet)
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Height and waist size? *FULLSUITS AND FULL PARTIALS ONLY* (This is only to get an idea of how much fabric will be needed. All answers will be kept confidential)
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