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Lean Process Improvement -- Pre-launch information
This form will help Organizational Development for Faculty and Staff to learn about what your team wants to improve and help us schedule your process-improvement launch.

Note: if you want more information before you fill out this form, please follow this link:

We value your contributions and celebrate with you your successes.

With warmest regards,
your Lean facilitators at ODFS: Kathy, Jennifer, Amy, Steve, and Jess
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(Note: as you think about which process(es) to improve, think about which process or piece of a process causes your team(s) the most frustration and/or pain: processes that are frustrating, time consuming, confusing, or costly are great candidates for improvement.)
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How many people would you likely have work on the process improvement?
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What time frame would work well for your team to do a 3-day launch: e.g., fall, winter, spring, or summer; OR specific dates, such as, February 12 - 14, 2014? *
For each initial Lean launch, we ask that your team members set aside three consecutive days (typically, Wednesday - Friday) for the Lean launch. We don't always need all three days, but we ask that the time is there if we need it.
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Thank you for sharing with us your ideas for a process improvement.
Your passion and abilities are helping to continuously improve the culture that we have at Cornell and making our community stronger in the process.

As you continue to improve this process and other processes, please follow this link to let us know about your gains and successes:

Or, if you want to modify this specific process improvement, follow the instructions after you submit this form) so that you can add to your team's successes and accomplishments.

With appreciation and gratitude for your support,

The team at ODFS
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