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The Mad Circus 3 Designer Application
The Mad Circus 3 --- A Halloween & Gacha fair!
October 7-31st
An Evil Bunny Production
DESIGNER APPLICATION DEADLINE-September 1st or when full.

*Set-up will not be the same as last year's event-we will change up themed events every time we run them.

The Mad Circus is not your "typical" Halloween theme-

PLEASE READ below the requirements for designers before applying:

-Marketplace stores will be able to apply for the event.

-No kids stores for this event, this event is the darker side of halloween.

-It is mandatory to rez a TMC poster at your main store-if you are a marketplace store, it is mandatory to post the graphic in your picks.

-TMC starts Sat. Oct. 7th at 12 noon EST and ends Sat. Oct. 31st at midnight.

-Once you are accepted, you are required to be in the event group for the entirety of the event. The group tag is required to rez on the land and set-up. ALL communications for the show will be via the group as well as blog coverage.

-No "adult" content. The sim will be moderate rated.

-This is not a discounted event-you can price things however you like, just be sure to follow all TOS of creators.

-Each designer IS REQUIRED to provide 1 exclusive release item related to the theme. Please do not make your exclusive a gacha-you may do exclusive gachas, but please have the exclusive in your store. Your Items HAVE to be a new release(s), not recolored items you're already displaying at your store. You can make as many items as you want as long as your vendors fit within the prim limit (100 prims/sponsors - 50 prims/regular store - 15 prims/cart) The 2nd requirement for the event is a 10L gift in your booth-this is not an option. A gift container will be provided for use in your space. We ask you display a photo of your gift to promote sales. The prim for the gift bag, exclusive tag(s), 10L gift picture ARE NOT counted in your prim total.
-You can put old items in your booth or sell items that are in your store (has to fit in the prims limit). We suggest you keep all items within the theme - this holiday is a GREAT sales holiday-we strongly suggest doing theme related items for this time of year.

-All TMC3 exclusives items can be put up for sale at your mainstore and Marketplace ONCE THE EVENT IS OVER ONLY.

-Do not violate the TOS of LL. Do not use any real world logos, copyrighted items or break TOS of creators in-world. Any items causing this issue will be returned to you. Do not try to copybot on our will be estate banned immediately AND ejected/banned from the group with no money refunded.

-2 types of scripts are allowed : vendors and LM giver only. NO spamming, or group/subscribers allowed. (you may have a group/subscriber sign in your space as long as it does not spam chat or IM) Gacha machines are only allowed in the gacha area and are available for $199L each-available on a 1st come basis. NO gacha machines inside your stores. Sponsors will have 2 in front of their stores which is included in their sponsor package-all other designers will be allowed to purchase once the event opens. If you cam onto the sim before we open for set up and purchase items they will be returned to you and new ones set-up. NO money will be returned for these items.

-Please respect your neighbors by keeping your set-up in the space you're allowed. Nothing outside your booth (if booth set-up has space for adornment outside, we will allow you to add items within the theme of your store set-up within reason). Sponsors can put mesh signs up above their stores out front. Feel free to decorate! We want you to get creative and make your space your own. Go with the theme, there is such a wide variety of things you can do!

-Designers not ready in time need to NC Allie Munro if you have any issues at all with being ready to go for the event. We will replace stores with the wait list starting FRIDAY OCT. 7TH at 6PM SLT. We will try to contact you via NC the week of set-up (trust me, I will bug you to death) if we see you have not yet shown up as well as a final warning the day before. If you have not contacted us, we will replace you no questions asked. NO money refunds will be given. If you have to pull out for any reason at all, we are sorry but once your spot is paid for, we do not refund money as we shell a lot out for design, advertising and sim cost.

44 stores regular @ 50 prims each $1200L
22 stores sponsors @ 100 prims each $2800 (comes with 2 gacha machines)
12 carts @15 prims each $500L

Gacha machines (event gacha area only-not allowed inside individual storefronts ) $199L each-can purchase as many as you would like-no pricing rules on items. Available on a first come basis until sold out. You may rez a DEMO sign with your gacha for shoppers to test it first- include the prim in your prim count please. If you cam onto the sim before we open for set up and purchase items they will be returned to you and new ones set-up. NO money will be returned for these items.

Billboards for ads will be available on sim at $299L each-when they are gone they are gone.
No refunds.
Information about payment will be included in the acceptance note card.
Fees are due ASAP upon acceptance. The last day we will accept payments is Sept. 1st.-no exceptions.
NOTE- We organize the order of stores according to payment order, so the sooner you pay for your spot, the higher you are on the list.
You will receive 1 NC if you have not paid your event fee and 24 hours to respond-we will replace you from the wait list at that point.

SPONSORS-Sponsors will be listed on the event blog and evil bunny blog as well as all social media/event note cards, advertising and signage around the event site.


SEPT 1-payment due in full for your space/cut-off deadline for applications
Sept 24-30 -sim build
OCT 1- designer set-up begins
OCT 6-designers need to be set-up no later than 6:00PM SLT-you will be replaced at that time if not ready w/ no communication to allie munro via NC.
OCT 6-sim open for bloggers
OCT 7-12 noon EST show will open to the public
OCT 31-Sim closes at midnight

******Once you pay for your participation, please send a payment receipt with your name, store name and copy of payment from your transaction files along with your FULL PERM store logo to Allie Munro. I try to keep up with payments as best as possible, but if you pay and I am not online, there is a chance I may miss it. ******

Allie Munro-Event Director
Serenity Quar- Blogger Contact

I do answer emails and note cards. PLEASE DO NOT IM us and think we will receive it, please make sure you follow up with note cards so we have a record of payment, questions, store ready updates etc.


The Mad Circus 3 Poster
Your SL Name (NOT display)
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Your SL Store/Brand Name
Your answer
Your SLURL or Marketplace link (only use MP is you have no in-world store)
Your answer
Which level of participation are you applying for?
If you apply for a level and it is not available, you will be accepted for the level below*
Have you read the above information about the event and agree to have 1 exclusive IN THEME and 10L gift for the event & agree to all rules? ** make sure you have read the above before applying**
You are allowed ONE other person in the group to help with your set-up. Please list the 2nd person here and if you don't need one list N/A
Your answer
Do you understand that if you DO NOT contact us and are not ready to go by FRIDAY OCT. 6TH 6PM SLT that you will be replaced with no refunds?
Please provide us with a 2nd SL contact person or a RL email address in case we need to contact you.
Your answer
Once accepted, you need to send a payment receipt to Allie Munro with your store name, your name and a copy of your transaction history showing payment ALONG with your full perm logo. Please let us know you understand this so we have records of all participants.
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