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FemmeBrew 2020!
Hi everyone!

Welcome to our fun competition! Remember, the only criteria is that you brew with AT LEAST one locally grown or foraged ingredient. That could mean the malt, the hops, the juniper, the beets, or whatever (*not the water, come on*.) We're leaving the style up to you, which means you should be as specific as you can when you let us know what you've made, so that the judges know how to best evaluate your beer. I'm so excited to have you join us! I'll see you at the Brewster's Party!

#2020VISION #Womenwhobrew
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*We'll use your email address to send you the submission form to include with your samples. It'll be great. We'll only use your phone number if you win and you're not around the day we announce the winners. But you should come. There'll be drink tickets. And other women who brew!*
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