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California ASP Ballot Initiative Straw Poll
On September 26 at 2 pm, party members will meet online to make recommendations to the state committee on which of 12 propositions to take a stand on this November.  Whether you can attend or not, we ask you to give us your opinion on each proposition to guide the discussion.

Refer to the party's research report for detailed summaries and the relevant parts of the ASP platform for each proposition.
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Proposition 14: Stem Cell Research
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Proposition 15: Commercial Real Estate Taxes
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Proposition 16: Affirmative Action
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Proposition 17: Voting Rights for Parolees
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Proposition 18: Primary Voting for 17-Year-Olds
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Proposition 19: Property Tax Transfers
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Proposition 20: Criminal Penalties
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Proposition 21: Rent Control
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Proposition 22: Gig Workers
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Proposition 23: Kidney Dialysis Clinics
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Proposition 24: Consumer Privacy
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Proposition 25: Return to Cash Bail
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