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QGCon 2018 Call for Games - SUBMISSION FORM
The following is the SUBMISSION FORM for the QGCon 2018 Arcade. Before submitting via this form, please be sure to read the full Call for Games, which has more information about the conference, the call, and what materials to submit.

The Queerness and Games Conference is now accepting games for the arcade at its fifth annual conference, which will be held on September 29-30, 2018 at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada! Game submissions are due May 4, 2018.

Email address *
Name *
Your name or the name of the contact person if there is more than one creator.
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Bio *
A brief bio (approximately 100 words) for you and/or your co-creators. If relevant, please include links to your website, online work, or social media presence.
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Game Type *
Please indicate what type of game you are submitting. Note that games will not have volunteers running them, so if your game requires a DM / GM or technical support, you (or someone on your team) would have to be at QGCon.
Game Name *
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Artist's Statement *
An artist’s statement (approximately 300 words) that summarizes your game and how your game showcase the values QGCon encourages in the world.
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Build/Download Link or Video *
To evaluate your game, please provide a build, download link, or video of your game for the committee.
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Space Accomodations
Info regarding any special space accommodations you would need for your games in the arcade.
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Travel Grant *
Please let us know if you intend to apply for a travel grant. This is not set in stone but allows us to budget.
Homestay *
Please let us know if you plan on requesting a homestay option, which allows us to connect you with local community members to reduce the cost of accommodations.
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