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Dog Adoption Application
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Name(s) of the Dog(s) you are interested in adopting, if still undecided please give us a short description of what you are looking for: *
Why do you want this particular dog? *
Your Name & Surname (Primary adopter) *
Mobile phone: *
Email address *
Residential address: *
Postal code: *
How would you describe your lifestyle: *
How long have you lived here? *
Property type: *
Is a dog allowed where you live? *
If renting what is your landlord's name?
If renting what is your landlord's phone number?
Do you have a yard? *
If you have a yard, is it fenced securely?
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If you do not have a yard, how will you provide the dog with adequate exercise?
Your occupation: *
Employer/ Business name:
What other pets do you have in the home? Please provide a description for each pet including age and sex, also if they are sterilised or not.
Your veterinarian *
Suburb: *
Are there children in your home? *
If you have children in your home, please list their ages:
Is everyone in agreement with the decision to adopt a dog? *
Alternative contact person: *
Relationship: *
Mobile phone: (of alternative contact person) *
Have you ever had to surrender up a pet before? *
While all the adult dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized, puppies are not. Sterilisation can be done at a reduced rate to the cost of the adopter when using one of our partnering vets. If I am applying to adopt a puppy, I understand that there will be additional costs involved regarding vaccinations and sterilisation, and that the puppy has to be sterilized at 6 months of age. *
I/ we affirm that no member of my household has ever been convicted of an animal welfare law/abuse violation such as neglect, cruelty, abandonment etc. *
While Oscars Arc always offers the ‘Name Your Price’ adoption fee, your generous donation of R1200 or more enables us to cover the costs of this adoption. It is also invaluable in helping us to continue marketing dog adoption as the best way to acquire a dog. The more you give. The more we save. Please specify your nominated adoption fee: *
A representative will contact you shortly to schedule a home check. The home check will be administered within 72 hours of receiving this application. Kindly advise the preferred day of the week that best suits your family for the home check: *
Kindly advise the best time that best suits your family for the home check: *
Please enter your full name: *
I, certify that all information provided on this form is true and hereby give permission to OSCARS ARC to verify information as required. *
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