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Thank you for your interest in our "Almost" Custom Holiday Cards! The design fee is $50 and we encourage customers to browse past custom cards for one they love!

Our "Almost" Custom Holiday Cards includes 2 rounds of revisions. Each additional round is $25. N&L holiday cards are priced based on your quantity, single sided vs. double sided, and lined envelopes are $1.50 add'l and colored envelopes, $0.25 add'l.

Printing prices are listed on the website for standard digital printing, and upgraded printing and formats can be quoted.

Proof turnaround time is 2 weeks and production time once approved is 1 week + shipping. If you are


Please provide HIGH RES images to If you would like more than one photo, we HIGHLY recommend choosing double sided printing.

Make your list..and check it twice! We cannot wait to begin on your....ALMOST custom card!

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Which existing card would you like your "Almost" custom card based off of? Orientation of the card, colors, and wording may be edited from the original. Fonts, graphics, and patterns must remain the same. (copy and paste a URL below linking us to the exact card) *
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Is this a Rush Order? ($75 fee applies) *
If you would like to pay a rush fee of $50 and need your proof before 2 weeks, indicate that below and proof timeline will be 2 business days and print and ship time will be 2 business days as well. Also, proof changes will be sent in 1 business day.
Would you like a nicer form of printing? *
We offer letterpress, foil stamping (perfect for gold and silver), and thermography. Quotes will be provided and standard pricing does not apply.
Would you like to upgrade your paper to 130# instead of 100#? (Single sided $0.25 add'l, double sided $0.50 add'l) *
Family Name (or signature) *
ie, Mike and Caroline, The Smith Family, etc. Please include children's ages if you would like for us to include that.
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What greeting would you like? *
ie, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Season's Greetings, etc.
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Would you like to include a Bible verse? *
If so, please provide
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Would you like machine calligraphy for your envelopes? *
Each envelope is $1.25 for black ink and $1.50 for colored ink. Address lists must be sent in Excel format with each item (city, state, name, etc.) in it's own cell and in order of appearance.
Would you like extra envelopes to account for mistakes if addressing yourself? *
envelope pricing will be determined once your design is final
Would you like coordinating postage? We can send you the artwork for a $25 additional art fee, and we recommend or *
*custom stamps are approximately double what standard postage would be. Please also note that standard ordering time is 2 weeks.
Return Address for Envelope: *
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