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Film Promotion Form
Welcome! Please read!

If you have a Short film available for free online or a Feature film for free or purchase, and you wish to have it featured and promoted at the festival websites we organize, please fill out the form below. Please note that embedding must be allowed and please note that we do not feature Short films for purchase.

- High Coast Film Festival in North Sweden
- Berlin Revolution Film Festival in Berlin

We're looking for Experimental and Unconventional Genre, Auteur and Art house films of all sorts, in the starting phase we are especially highlighting these genres :

*Mythologies & Sagas
*Dystopic & Apocalyptic
*Horror & Monster
*Nature Films

We want to host a curated section of films where it's a lot to see but still a niched site for the form of films our festivals promote. Similar to Vimeo Staff pick or Short of the week.

This is also something we hope make sense for film makers as we can host many films and build a viewerbase over time that is external to your own followers.

The curating is based on our artistic judgement and we won't feature every film - but we will host many and we will never charge for this service, ever.

We watch, review and add films over the course of the year, we will notify you only if we have featured your film.

You can submit multiple films, but you have to send individual submissions for each, please do not spam.

Furthermore, please only submit films that you have the rights to submit - either made by you, produced by you or distributed by you.
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Watch films too!
Lastly we invite you to not only submit your own film, but to watch others! In the end we are all into Independent, Unconventional, Experimental and simply just Free Spirited Cinema - so chances are there are some inspiring, weird, dreadfull, joyfyll and fantastic films for you to watch! So, welcome! ;)
And maybe support us?
We work independently and we want to make it financially viable which is why we seek support.

Patreon is a donation system starting at 1$. It's a great platform that gives patrons the ability to support, follow and enable goals we work towards while also getting things in return such as free admittance to events, exclusive access to festival programs etc.

We're looking to simply improve the quality of our work, to offer film makers more things to take part in and audience to take part of :)

A film club with regular screenings, livestreams and film festival tours. As our community of patron grows, these goals come closer and closer to reality.

If you like what we do and want to take part in the rewards available please consider becoming a patron and share this with your friends.
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