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CLI Community-Wide Survey - 2019
It's time again for CLI's annual survey. Please be honest about what you like -- and what you don't like about things we've done, changes we've made, changes we haven't made, etc. We believe strongly in the importance of constructive criticism. We can learn from or fix mistakes that we don't know we have made -- or are still continuing to make.

Full disclosure, we want your contact information so that we can pay you for the time it takes to complete this survey with a FREE scratch off lottery ticket at Kenilee Lanes on Friday, June 28th. Just remember us when you win!

Every box on this survey will require an answer, but anything you type in will allow you to move on to the next question. However, just remember we all learn better when someone takes the time to teach us.

We will absolutely NOT be offended or hold grudges if your feedback is negative. In fact, if your negative feedback helps us figure out a way to improve, we'll pay you with 2 lottery tickets. That's double pay to be Negative Nancy or Jaded Johnny!
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Please don't spare our feelings. We need honest feedback that includes constructive criticism. We will be using your suggestions to shape where we go from here.
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