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Volunteer Service Form 2018-2019
The community of Delta Christian School knows that the service of our volunteers is priceless. The time, the skills, the care and effort that is put into every job is vital to our students and staff. We believe that volunteering should be a partnership, one that is equally fulfilling for each of us. God leads us to serve others, and volunteering is an excellent way to live out our faith every day. Each volunteer, through their service, is helping students succeed in school and beyond these walls. There are a number of ways to volunteer at DCS, and we want to help you find the place where you are best able to use your time, your interests and your skills.

At DCS, there are many opportunities to contribute, and we would like to help you find the place that honours your gifts and time, and also brings about the greatest return. Each volunteer also has the privilege and responsibility of modelling faith to our students, staff, and others that are in contact with our school - this is an amazing opportunity and one that has the potential to make a deep and lasting impact.

Safety and Security
The safety of our students if utmost importance to all of us, and so we insist that every volunteer in our building has a current Police Check on file at all times. These checks must be renewed every three years; clearances that have been obtained for other organizations ( churches, etc.) that meet the date criteria and are acceptable. If you are uncertain whether you have a recent check on file at DCS, please contact Gillian for confirmation.

All interactions that occur, especially with students, during your volunteer experience are to be kept confidential. Please do not discuss behaviour, share information or relate stories about your time in the classrooms. Remember that others will be ensuring this same consideration is made for you and your children. If you have concerns about something you see or hear while volunteering, please speak to the teacher or an administrator if appropriate.

Security Information and Volunteers
Volunteers in the school for any task are asked to sign in at the office upon arrival, and to sign out when leaving. Please wear a Volunteer or Visitor tag every time you are in the school. For security and safety in the case of of an emergency, it is important that we are aware you are in the school, and why; your volunteer tag identifies you to all staff and students. All doors are locked throughout the school day; please only enter by the office, and remember to sign in when you arrive.

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