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Camel's Hump Late Start Session 8 - May 9th
Parents/Guardians- We've got some great activities planned for the second late start morning. Please notice that these activities are FREE of charge and are open to ALL students. We'd love to have as many students that are interested attend these opportunities. Please ask your child what activity he/she is interested in joining and then fill in the form below. Due to the high interest of the program, we will be limiting the number of students that can go into certain spaces, so sign up early if you would like to get your first choice! Cooking is now closed, please choose from one of our other amazing choices!

If you have any questions, please e-mail Amanda Arena at

If you sign your child up for an activity and then you find out that he/she can't make it for any reason, PLEASE e-mail or text (802) 922-6880 prior to 8:00 am on May 9th.

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