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FALL 2021 Show
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WBOR 91.1 FM On-Air Application Fall 2021
WBOR 91.1 FM is Bowdoin College’s own student and community-operated radio station. WBOR broadcasts not only to the Midcoast Maine region, but to the entire world via real-time streaming audio on our website, WBOR strives to be an outlet for Bowdoin students and community members to express themselves in a welcoming community. In doing this, WBOR aspires to create quality, independent programming that represents the diversity of the Bowdoin community while providing a unique student-run alternative to standard commercial radio.

Being a member of WBOR includes conducting a weekly show during your assigned programming slot and spending a considerable amount of time each week inside and outside of the studio preparing for and working to improve your show. We expect all WBOR members to be attentive to WBOR and FCC policy and show respect for the station by keeping it clean, operational and safe.

Please take the time to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete this application. WBOR is looking for individuals with enthusiasm and creativity who are willing to commit the time and energy that it takes to make WBOR a quality station both on and off the air.
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WBOR Responsibility Agreement
Please read the following statement and indicate your agreement by signing below:

“If assigned a program slot on WBOR 91.1 FM, I will dutifully attend my show every week. If unable to attend because of a legitimate conflict, I will immediately arrange for a WBOR-trained substitute. I will complete the daily online Log Record and Playlist forms accurately and completely each week. I will continually work to make my radio program better both technically and stylistically, always striving for an entertaining and dynamic show. I will treat the station with respect, recognizing that I am responsible for whatever happens in the station and on-air during my program slot. I will keep WBOR clean and organized by throwing away any trash in the station, re-filing any music left out after my show, and taking care of the equipment. I will supervise entry of all individuals into the station during my program slot, and I will not allow entry to any individuals who do not have legitimate reason to be in WBOR, including unauthorized guests. Finally, I will report any problems or concerns about the station to management in a timely manner. I understand that failure to comply with all rules and regulations mentioned in this agreement – and elsewhere in this application, including WBOR Rules/Guidelines (see Page 5) – could result in the suspension or termination of my show at the discretion of management.”
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