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Student Interest Survey
We want to get to know what makes you special. Please answer thoughtfully and truthfully. Your responses are confidential (meaning, we won't share them with others).
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Family. Share with us a little bit about the people you call family. They don't have to be biological family. It can just be the people you feel closest to. (For example: Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, closest friends, pets, etc.) *
Activities. What do you like to do? Sports, Video Games, Chess, Cooking, etc. *
Academics. Do you like to read? (If so, what books? Be specific.) Love certain subjects in school? Hate some? Share out! *
Food and Drink. What are your favorite foods? Favorite soda? *
Skills. Do you have a talent or skill that you don't get to showcase in school? Know an enormous amount of information about a specific topic? Capable of strange human tricks (like flipping your eyelids inside out?). Could be funny, strange, or fantastic. Either way, let us know. *
Other. Is there something else you want us to know about you that we haven't asked about, yet? Share it here. *
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