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Foreign Languages Teachers to be affected by CBSE proposal on removing Foreign Languages as 3rd Language under the Three Language Formula of Education Policy.
As decided in the 1st meeting of The Indian Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ( ICTFL ) it is important that all foreign languages teachers directly or indirectly affected by the adverse proposal of CBSE must put a common representation & thus pressure to the Govt of India by communicating to the Govt. on the number of people who will be directly or indirectly become unemployed if the above proposal is implemented from the new session in 2017.

Hence; we request all foreign language teachers to help ICTFL to launch a time bound "research based" study of the number of people likely to be affected and put up to the Education Ministry by 28th Jan 2017.

Please note that if we have numbers on our side then only we can put some worthy pressure on the govt. & with foreign languages being offered in schools in India since 1989 we trust that a large number of foreign language teachers are going to be adversely affected by this proposal which the govt. of India might not be aware of. Hence; by putting your details here you will help in our cause to put reasonable pressure on the Govt. to reconsider it's decision of Foreign languages.

Visit us at for more details & status on our ongoing Mobilization on our common cause to save foreign languages in schools in India.
Filling up this form will help ICTFL to have all the people and resources ready to move or act against this adverse proposal.
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