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What are your values and priorities about residential street safety?
The Mountain View Neighborhood Association values your opinion. Please respond to the following ten (10) questions. (An asterisk next to the question indicates a required response.)

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1a. The name of the street I live on is: *
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1b. I consider traffic on my STREET to be: [Check all that apply.] *
2a. In my NEIGHBORHOOD, I consider street safety to be an issue on: [Provide street name, if applicable.]
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2b. My concern about traffic on this street (2a, above) includes: [Check all that apply.]
3. In my view, drivers who speed through my neighborhood: [Check all that apply.] *
4. Is there a need for a City-wide safe driving education-and-awareness campaign in Bend? *
5. At what speed should a vehicle exceeding the 25-mph speed limit in a residential zone be stopped, ticketed, and fined? [Check one.] *
6. Which of these neighborhood initiatives would best address residential street safety? [Check the 3 most important.] *
7. If the “20 is Plenty” program were to be implemented on an unsafe residential street, which of the following would work best? [Check one.] *
8. Which of the following safety messages do you think is most effective? [Check one.] *
9. In the interest of reducing speeding, would you be willing to put a safety awareness sticker on your car’s back window? *
10. Safety measures such as “20 is Plenty,” education and awareness campaigns, traffic calming, policing, and radar will require funding. When it comes to your street and neighborhood safety, what method of funding seems most reasonable for you? [Check one.] *
Please check below if you would be interested in participating in upcoming street safety workshops.
Thank you for your time and consideration in completing this survey. Results will be posted on your Neighborhood Association website.
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