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Questionnaire | Authentication on the Internet
This short questionnaire shall help us identify if 2-factor authentication is already commonly used and if biometrics or other solutions are more preferred.
For which service would you prefer the HIGHEST form of authenticaiton on the internet *
Should services on the internet be secured with more than just username and password?
How many services on the Internet are you using on a regular basis that require a login? *
How many different passwords do you use for that services? *
If 2-factor authentication is provided, what is the reason why you are not using a 2nd factor for authentication?
What form of a 2nd factor would you prefer for the service offers this option? *
Which biometrics would you prefer for authentication on the internet? *
If you have a smartphone with a biometric sensor (e.g. fingerprint, face), do you use it to unlock your phone? *
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