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SOMT Soccer Coach Certification Quiz
This quiz must be completed every 3 years by all coaches wishing to be re-certified in this sport.
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When can players be substituted? *
What are the requirements for players' equipment? *
What is the duration of the game? *
What are the overtime rules for soccer? *
Must the ball completely pass the goal line to be considered a goal? *
Are there throw-ins for out-of-bounds balls in 5v5 soccer (SOMT only offers 5v5 soccer events)? *
Can a goalkeeper pick up a ball passed directly to them from a teammate? *
Is it acceptable at any time for a coach, fan, volunteer, athlete, etc. to display unsportmanlike conduct towards others (officials, athletes, etc.)? *
In 5v5 unified, what must the athlete-unified teammate distribution be? *
What are the three events in the Soccer Individual Skills competition? *
How are athletes scored once they complete the Skills events? *
Which of the following statements are true in regards to filing a protest? *
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