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3MT at UTokyo Application for Competitors 東京大学 3MTコンペティション 参加(出場)希望者の方の為の申し込みフォーム
All applications must be submitted no later than 11:59PM on Sunday, March 31, 2019.
Please respond only in English.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
All information will be kept confidential. Please contact with any questions.

For information about the 3MT competition, please visit the links below.
University of Queensland Official 3MT:
3MT UTokyo event page:


University of Queensland 公式 3MT:
3MT UTokyo イベントページ:

Competitor’s first/given name(s) 名 *
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Competitor’s family/surname 姓 *
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Competitor’s student ID number 学籍番号 *
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Competitor's e-mail address メールアドレス *
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Competitor’s phone number 電話番号 *
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When did you start your PhD studies? いつから博士課程を始めましたか。 *
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When do you anticipate completing your PhD studies and graduating? いつ博士課程を修了し、卒業する予定ですか。 *
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Competitor’s Faculty/Department name 部局/研究科名 *
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Supervisor’s name 指導教員の名前 *
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Please share the URL to your laboratory’s website homepage, if any exists. 研究室のウエブサイトへのリンク(ある場合)
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3MT presentation title 3MT プレゼンテーションのタイトル *
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Please describe your PhD research topic using no more than 200 English words. 最大200語 (英語)で、博士課程での研究トピックを記述してください。 *
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As part of your application, please submit drafts of two slides, described below. If your application is accepted, these slides can be updated before the final competition. Submit both slides in a single file as either .PPTX or .PDF type. Use the following format for the name of the file: “First Name Surname_Department Name_3MT Application Slides 2019”. 申込の一環として、2枚のスライド(ドラフト版)を提出してください。もし申込が受理された場合、コンペティションの前にスライドを更新することが可能です。2枚のスライドを、一つのファイルとして提出してください。 .PPTX もしくは .PDFの形式で、ファイル名は“First Name Surname_Department Name_3MT Application Slides 2019”の形式に従ってください。 *
Slide #1 is your Title Slide. It must include the following information. 一枚目のスライドは、タイトルのスライドです。以下の情報をスライドに入れてください。
Competitor's name
3MT presentation title
Department name
Supervisor's name

3MT プレゼンテーションのタイトル

Slide #2 is your Presentation Slide. 二枚目のスライドは、プレゼンテーションのスライドです。
It can include any information, but it must abide by the following restrictions:
No transitions or animations
Use Standard 4:3 Ratio (In PowerPoint, click Design tab, then click Slide Size. Choose Standard [4:3]).
Use standard fonts (e.g., Tahoma, Arial)
Images are acceptable, but video and sound are not.
Any required reference(s) must be clearly cited on the slide.

標準的なフォントを用いること(例:Tahoma, Arial)

If your application is successful, you will be notified by e-mail no later than Saturday, April 6, 2019. *
3MT Information Sessions 3MT インフォメーション・セッション
During the week of March 11, 2019 the Division for Strategic Public Relations will hold information sessions to answer any questions about the 3MT application process.
During the weeks of April 8 or April 15, the Division for Strategic Public Relations will hold a preparation session for successful applicants.
Details will be posted at the links below.
Event page:
Twitter: @UTokyo_news_en

Event page:
Twitter: @UTokyo_news

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