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PMI 微型影像技術與內視鏡醫療科技應用 / PMI micro imaging technology and medical technology applications
時間: 2018年11月30日(五) 10:40-11:00. 南港展覽館404會議室

隨著醫療科技的進步,使得微小化與數位化成為醫療照護型態的主流發展趨勢。目前醫界公認最需要使用內視鏡微創手術的是男性攝護腺或泌尿道疾病及嬰幼兒氣管疾病,因現行內視鏡成像視野尺寸狹窄,解析度低,尤其如泌尿道鏡或是纖維氣管鏡相關尺寸皆須小於3.0mm. 台灣先進醫學科技的微型化CMOS 內視鏡開發是以CMOS sensor 為基礎,模組及封管後尺寸約在2mm-2.5mm,此影像模組切入醫用內視鏡,將可發揮CMOS 成熟技術的優勢,可降低微創手術的成本,帶來了更好的醫療品質與服務。

With the advancement of medical technology, miniaturization and digitalization have become the mainstream development trend of medical care. In addition, the medical profession recognizes that endoscopic minimally invasive surgery is needed the most by patients with male prostate or urinary tract disease and infantile tracheal disease. The drawbacks of the current endoscope are the narrow field of view and low resolution. Especially such as urinary tract bronchoscope or fiber bronchoscope, the relevant dimensions of the bronchoscope must be less than 3.0mm. The development of miniaturized CMOS endoscopes by Pioneer Medical Equipment (PMI) is based on CMOS sensor. The dimensions of the module and the sealed tube are about 2mm-2.5mm. It will utilize the advantage of the advanced technology of CMOS. This will greatly reduce the cost of minimally invasive surgery and bring better medical quality and service.

主講: 張靖憶/行銷業務經理 Ms. Serina Chang / Marketing
主辦單位: 台灣先進醫學科技股份有限公司 Pioneer Medical Instrument Technology (PMI) Co.,Ltd.
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