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2018 TAP: Creative Booth Application Form (Deadline: 2018 July 20th)
Exhibition: 2018 Taipei Art Photo
Organizer: Taiwan Art Connection (TAC), Society of Photographic Museum and Culture of Taiwan
Director: Hooi-Wah Suan
Date: 2018 Nov.9~12th.
Location: Huashan 1914 Creative Park M4B Building
No. 1, Ba De Road, Zhong Zheng dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan

2018 TAP Creative Booth

Organized by TAC (Taiwan Art Connection), a leading photography exhibition design firm in Taiwan, the annual TAP (Taipei Art Photo), has become a sensation for photography art in Asia. Since its debut in 2013, the TAP creates phenomenon that receives extensive media coverage and attracts over 20,000 visitors each year, including numerous art collectors, critics and curators from the profession photography field. Over the years, the TAP has quickly becoming an essential platform for international photography art, features numerous exhibitors joined by international acclaimed artists, leading photography-based galleries and photo-related institutions across Asia, Europe and North America.

In 2018, the sixth annual TAP expands its creative booth program and welcoming international creative industry to showcase their products as a part of TAP event. The creative booth is open to any photography related company, institute, individual or group from the creative industry, including: bookstore, publisher, art printer, photography equipment supplier, creative industry company, arts & design institute and etc.

Exhibition Program:
● Contemporary Art Photo
● Young Art Portfolio
● Creative Booth
● TIVAC Photography Award
● Photo Forum

TAP Benefits:
1. Excellent platform for marketing.
2. Attract media attention and massive visitors.
3. Professional exhibition space for product presentation.
4. Attracting potential clients and business collaboration.

Creative Booth Plan
● Dimension: Length 250cm x Width 250cm
● Exhibition Fee: USD 300.
● Specifications:
1. 2 long tables ( Length 180cm x Width 60 cm x Height 75 cm)
2. 1 short table ( Length 120cm x Width 60 cm x Height 75 cm)
3. 2 chairs
4. 1 110V plug
5. 2 Working Pass
6. 15 Guest Tickets
7. Wi-Fi
8. 1 TAP Catalogue (including exhibitor’s contact info)
Booth Setup (Please Note: Exhibitors’ tables and chairs are arranged in the same position)
Application Procedure:

1. Application Deadline: 2018 July 20th (Friday)    
● Please fill the online application form, or download application form from:( and email to ( after completion.
● Please make backup copy of your application data before mailing out. The organizer (TAC) will send email confirmation when receiving your application. If you have not received any confirmation three days after the application have been send out, please contact organizer (TAC) for confirmation.

2. Application Result Announcement: 2018 Aug.1st (Wednesday)

3. Exhibition Fee and Guarantee Deposit Payment Deadline: 2018 Aug. 15th (Wednesday)
● Exhibitor can apply for multiple unites of creative booth. The price for a single unit is USD 300; along with an additional guarantee deposit USD 50. Total cost for one unit is USD 350.
● The exhibitor needs to pay the remaining fee before deadline in order to participate 2018 TAP. If the exhibitor fails to pay the remaining exhibition fee, the organizer had the right to disqualify the exhibitor.

4. The exhibition fee and guarantee deposit does not include with bank’s transfer service charge.

Method of Payment:
Account Number: 266-03-500176-0
BENEFICIARY’S TELEPHONE NO. : +886-2-2388-0016
(Note: Please send Email notice of your account name, account number and transfer number after the payment has been transferred. Email:

Exhibition Regulation:
● Exhibitor qualification: bookstore, publisher, art printer, photography equipment supplier, creative industry company, and arts & design institute.
● TAP is a photography art based exhibition; all products showcase in the creative booth MUST relate to the theme or context of image art, photography or photography art. All products present or sell in creative booth CANNOT be original artwork.
● All of the exhibitors’ booth location and table position will be arranged by the organizer.
● The guarantee deposit is use for any additional cost during the course of the exhibition including: additional equipment, fine for any damage upon the equipment or the exhibition space. If the additional costs surpass the limit of the guarantee deposit, exhibitor is required to pay additional fee to cover any surpass expenses. If there is no additional cost during the course of exhibition, the guarantee deposit will refund to the exhibitor in full price in NTD after inspection (booth returns to original state).
● The exhibitor is responsible for the setup, uninstall, removal of the product within the timeframe.
● During the course of the exhibition the exhibitor and exhibitor’s personnel need to wear the exhibitor pass to enter the exhibition.
● The organizer has provided general public safety insurance for this exhibition. The organizer is not responsible for any item or equipment damage caused by natural disaster, human interference, delivery or setup. TAP highly recommend exhibitor to purchase insurance for their item and equipment.
● If the force majeure occurs and impacts the course of the exhibition, the organizer has the right to alter or shorten the timeframe of the exhibition. The organizer is free from refunding the exhibition fee or compensating the exhibitor’s loss.
● During the course of the exhibition, the exhibitors are accounted for the safekeeping of their own items. The organizer is not responsible for the any item damage or stolen.
● The exhibitor agrees the organizer to use the product images on newspaper, magazine, books or online for promotion purpose.
● Further detail of exhibition rules and regulations will be listed in the exhibitor guidebook mail to exhibitor at September 2018.

2018 TAP Creative Booth Application Form
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Account Info(Please Provide: Bank Name, Branch, Account Name, Account number). For Confirming Exhibition Fee and Guarantee Deposit payment .
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July 20th
 Application deadline.

Aug. 1st
 Application confirm.
 Starting day for exhibition fee and guarantee deposit transfer.

Aug. 15th
 Deadline for exhibition fee and guarantee deposit transfer
 Please send email notify after the transfer has been made.

 Announce booth location
 Exhibitor Guidebook send out

Nov. 8th
 Move-in and install
 Exhibitors need to setup their own booth.

Nov. 9th
 Opening (13:30)

Nov. 9~12th
 Opening hours (11:00~19:00)

Nov. 12th
 Uninstall, move out and Inspection (19:00 ~21:00)
 Exhibitor needs to remove all the products and items in the booth.
 Ask TAP staffs for inspection and guarantee deposit refund.

Contact Info
Taiwan Art Connection
● Address: 6F.-2, No.185, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10066, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
● Contact Person: Kevin Chen
● TEL: +886 2 2388-0016
● Email:
● Website:
● Facebook:
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