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"AZ and the Lost City of Ophir" Book Order Form
Yes, I'd like to order a copy of Andrew Zimmern's book "AZ and the Lost City of Ophir". $15 will be billed to my school account. (PLEASE COMPLETE ONE ORDER PER STUDENT).

Book Description:

"Twelve-year-old AZ dreams of becoming the world s greatest explorer. Instead, he's stuck in summer school with just Odd Uncle Arthur for company.Little does AZ know that this summer will be his most thrilling--and dangerous--adventure yet. After a time-traveling mishap, AZ finds himself in Ophir, a lost city full of wonder, secrets . . . and cursed tombs.

AZ must rely on his new friends and his gut to get him home. But first, he must summon the courage to guard magic artifacts from a repulsive villain. Will blood-thirsty crocodiles, turbulent rapids, and a stomach-churning feast stand in his way? Or does he have what it takes to join the Alliance of World Explorers?".

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