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Test de nivel. Varona's Institute
- Revise bien las respuestas. Una vez enviado no podrá volver a hacerlo. Si se ha producido cualquier error llame a nuestro centro Varona´s Institute para recibir el test de nuevo.
Este test es solo una parte de la valoración, para que esta sea mas completa necesitamos hacer una prueba oral en nuestros centros y así saber por completo el nivel en el que se encuentra.
- Para poder enviar el test es obligatorio poner el correo con el que has solicitado la información en la pagina web, así podremos localizarte de manera mas eficiente.
- Te recordamos que este test contiene gramática desde los niveles mas básicos hasta el mas alto, por eso si encuentra dificultades para avanzar no tiene de que preocuparse, puede dejar sin responder las preguntas que no entienda o sepa.
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1.Jane ____ English.
2. ___ American?
3.This is an office and ___ tables.
4.That is ___ cat.
5. I am speaking English. What language do you ___ ?
6. Where's Anne? She ___ in the living room.
7. Would you like ___ coffe?
8. He ___ to school every day.
9. She ___ speak Russian.
10. ''Are there many people here?'' ''No ___''
11. ''Where were you yesterday?'' ''I ___ ill''
12. I only have ___ apples. I must go and buy more in the supermarket.
13. I'm sorry, I don't speak English very ___ .
14. It looks dark. It ___ rain.
15. ___ English before?
16. ''Do you want something to eat?'' ''No, I don´t want ___ .
17. I ___ haven´t done my homework.
18. She ___ when he phone rang.
19. ''___ out yesterday?'' ''No, I stayed in''.
20. ''She doesn´t speak German ___?''
21. ''I ___ here since ten o´clock'' , she said.
22. She ___ since the age of 16.
23. I ___ Spanish next year.
24. What ___ this weekend?
25. Can you please speak ___?
26. If we ___ we won´t be late.
27. ''If I ___ her number, I would phone her''.
28. If had known I´d feel so ill, I ___ to the party.
29. She wanted to know where the car ___ .
30. If only I ___ more money to invest on renewable energies.
31. He wanted Maria ___ a policeman where the station was.
32. She made him ___ all nigth.
33. My parents never let me ___ out at the weekends.
34. When it ___ dark it will be cold.
35. The carpet ___ every morning.
36. Little ___ , he had been in prison before.
37. Maria took a taxi and ___ Barbara.
38. He can´t drive and his sister can´t...
39. She heard that her mother ___ in an accident.
40. I wish I ___ a nice car.
41. She thought she ___ able to see him later.
42. At the end off this assessment you ___ 50 questions.
43. I´d sooner you ___ for any more money.
44. It was ___ peaceful demonstration that most of the police left.
45. I am ___ being without a car.
46. He suggested ___ him on Saturday.
47. You ___ worried because the test was easy.
48. Now it´s time ___ something else.
49. If I, ___ I would get a dog.
50. I´d rather you ___ that. I´m trying to red.
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